On the save burning of candles in general and the special art candles in our collection:

On burning Candles :

Warning :

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep in mind the dangers of children and open fire. When burning a candle put it on a fire-resistent plate. Keep in mind drafts and other air currents that will effect the burning of a candle . Turn a burning candle regulary to compensate for these effects. Push, if needed, the edges inward. Keep the wick at 10 to 12mm ( half an inch ).
Roomtemperature : Whether a candle burns well or not is highly dependent on the room temperature. In too cold surroundings the burning wick will be not able to melt the wax upto the edge of the candle. The candle will burn down a hole. It is best, to cut away that rim of wax , after extinguishing the candle .
Not all candles in our collection are fit for burning : Especially the candles with the exotic forms are in the first place decorations. In case of doubt: ask in the store or mail us.

Tips for the optimal and safe burn of candles:

-- Don't burn candles close to other heat sources such as TV' s, radiators, stoves and fireplaces etc.
-- Don't burn candles close to combustible materials as drapes etc.
-- Keep a separation of minimal 10cm (4 inches) between burning candles.
-- Don't burn larger ball and other candles longer then 3-4 hours.
-- Don't burn large 3 wicked candles longer then 2 hours.
-- You should keep the wick clean and short. If a candle starts to burn unevenly with a larger flamme and shoot cut the wick down to about 9mm (3/8 inch) .
-- Cut the wick down to about 9mm (3/8 inch)
-- Don't put a burning candle in a drafty spot.
-- Burn a candle down to about 18mm (1/4 inch ) from the candleholder or plate.
-- Extinguish burning candles with a candle extinguisher and not by blowing on them. Blowing may spread the hot wax on your valuable furniture.
-- Use a stable noncombustible candleholder or candleplate.
-- Make sure the candles are placed firmly and straight up.
-- Don't move a burning candle.
-- Turn a burning candle frequently, but do it carefully.
-- Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Double Wicked Candles :

Larger thicker candles need a larger flame to burn well. One does this by making candles with a thicker wick. This works well on thicker cylindrical candles. On candles with a variable diameter one would like a flame one could vary in size. We can do this with a double wick. Where the candle is thin we burn one wick , where the candles is thick we burn two. As we burn one wick, we shorten the other one and submerge it in the molten wax. After extinguishing the candle one retrieves this wick from the warm wax and puts it in the position with the other wick as on the picture. During the burning of two wicks one can regulate the size of the flame by moving the wicks closer or further away from one another. In this manner you get the most from your candle.

The burning of the Calyx

Calyx burns 6 upto 8 hours depending on its location and the form you may want it to get. Place the Calyx in a draft-free spot .Put the Calyx on a tray or plate to retain the hot wax that runs out. Bend, especially in the beginning, the warm edges inward. Let the heat created a hole as the wick burns up fast. Keep the wick short en turn the Calyx regulary. The Calyx will now shine thru. Burn the Calyx only once. Extinguish the Calyx when it has attained a form of your liking. Wait till the wax has solidified , poor some shell-sand on the solid wax. Put a tealight in it for even more candle magic !!.
You can easily clean the Calyx by showering it with lukewarm water !!.