Help the stray dogs from Romania !!..

The former dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceaucescu, prohibited the Romanians, by means of the housing relocation, to keep a dog as a pet. As a result , thousands of dogs came on the street where they , in the course of years , multiplied . In Bucarest alone there are 50000 stray dogs. Because most of the Romanians consider them as a pest, them awaits in so-called killingstations a terrible death. They are hung, poisoned or thrown to death against a wall etc.

Help "Save the Dogs" , a foundation which rescues stray dogs in Romania.

  Help by :
     - adopting a dog .
     - being a temporary foster family from where dogs can be adopted.
     - donating money.
     - sponsoring a doghouse in one of the temporary shelters in Romania ( Eur 65,= )
     - donating clean blankets , dogbaskets and other dog stuff.
Go for more information to :
Save the Dogs
You can't save all the dogs of the world .
But you can save the world of one dog ....