heerlijke kruiden voor veel genot

--- In a combination with apple-, cranberry- and orangejuice.
--- Mix of Ginger Ale, orange- and lemonjuice.
--- Grapefruitjuice warmed in a microwave oven.
--- Sprinkle it on a cappuccino.
--- A cool drink :
      1 bottle dry white wine, half a bottle port and 1 pack Aspen Mulling Spices.
--- A combination of applecider, pearjuice and carbonated mineralwater
      garnished with raspberries.
--- And of course :
       in warm applejuice, warm red wine, cider or the.

Sprinkle it on :
--- toasts.
--- muffins.
--- waffels.


--- In applejuice popsicles .
--- Sprinkle it on an applesherbet
--- Mix Aspen Mulling Spices in peanutbutter:
       a treat for young and old !.
--- Aspen Shake :
       Vanilla ice, cider, and Aspen Mulling Spices in the blender.
--- Sprinkle it on pancakes , in a combination with small snipplets of apple.
--- In apple pie .
--- In cake.
--- In applesauce. (TIP)
--- In red cabbage. (Then everybody likes it. )
--- In stewpears. ( That should be prohibited !!.. !! )


--- In " Apple-Bread " :
    add approximately 8 tea spoons on a full bread in the breadbaking machine.
    Add it with the , in avance welled and well dried
    applesnipplets, currants and raisins when the bakingsoftware,
    of your machine, indicates this. The ingredients must be well dried
    otherwise the paste mixture becomes too wet.
    (Warning: this may be addictive !!!.)


--- Mix it with orangejuice as a sauce over ham or porkchops.
--- Sprinkle it on baked patato's.
--- Add it to carrots being cooked.
--- And also : Put Aspen Mulling Spices in a potpourri warmer
       and your house will smell wunderfull.


--- Sugar , Dextrose , Extractives of Cinnamon , Clove , Annatto ,
      Lemon , Orange ,Nutmeg and Caramel Color

--- Calories : 40
--- Fats : 0
--- Packed    : packs net wt 5.65oz (160 gr)